ITAK is one of the largest providers of Proficiency Testing Schemes, ISO 9001: 2015 certified by Bureau Veritas with the following certification scope:

  • Manufacturing and Sale of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs);
  • Development, Planning and Proficiency Testing for Geochemical and Environmental Analysis;
  • Physical Preparation of Geochemical Samples.

ITAK is also recognized by the European Proficiency Testing Information System (EPTIS) for developing, organizing and carrying out Proficiency Testing for several geochemical matrices and others on demand.

ITAK is in accordance with ABNT NBR ISO / IEC 17043: 2011 – Conformity Assessment – General requirements for proficiency testing, meeting all requirements of this standard, which rules proficiency testing activities, and defines all technical and managerial requirements that a proficiency testing provider must meet.


Proficiency Testing Schemes (Round Robin) are services aimed at evaluating the performance of calibration and testing laboratories through interlaboratory comparisons. The laboratory participation in a proficiency test is one of the most efficient ways to evaluate its technical competence, as it allows comparison in the same field, establishing a benchmarking. In a broad context, a proficiency test enables the participating laboratory to:

  • Continuous assessment and your performace monitoring;
  • Evidence or confirmation of achievement of reliable results;
  • Identification of problems/errors related to the performed tests/analyzes;
  • Taking corrective and preventive actions and evaluation of internal controls that the laboratory has;
  • Determination of performance characteristics, validation of methods;
  • Standardization / adequacy of methodologies to the market and recognition of results nationally and internationally;

Proficiency tests and interlaboratory comparisons are key to credibility enhancement of measurement results and, consequently, they contribute to the improvement of international trade and the prevention of technical barriers. ITAK´s proficiency tests are globally accepted, with the current participation of companies from over 30 countries.

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ITAK conducts annual proficiency tests (round robin) for several matrices as:

Gold ore

Iron ore


Copper ores and concentrates

Nickel Ore



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