Physical Preparation Blanks and Analytical Blanks

ITAK offers blank samples for controlling physical preparation processes and analytical blanks made from matrices like quartz, granite, limestone, etc. These blanks are used to attest and verify the level of contamination during a physical preparation process or chemical analysis, following the Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) protocol requirements.

They can be sold in various packaging depending on the required unit mass.

In stock, we have quartz matrix blanks, divided into three distinct granulometric ranges, as per the product codes listed below:

1)ITAK-BLK-QF has a granulometry 100% less than 200 mesh; – Analytical blank

2)ITAK-BLK-QI has a granulometry between 2 and 10 mm; – Suitable for inclusion in the pulverization stage.

3) ITAK-BLK-QG has a granulometry between 10 and 50 mm; – Suitable for inclusion in the crushing stage.

These products are sold in various packaging and the stock is packaged in a short delivery time, upon receipt of purchase orders from customers.

In case you need a different granulometry or matrix from the one mentioned, we can prepare, upon request, blanks from different mineral matrices.