Sample Preparation

As a producer and provider of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), ITAK has the necessary infrastructure to offer specialized services in the physical preparation of mineral samples in the market. This infrastructure includes an adequate physical space, all the necessary equipment for drying, comminution, classification (sieving and granulometric testing), homogenization

 of samples, and trained and skilled personnel to carry out these activities safely and with quality.


The physical preparation processes, including drying, primary and secondary crushing, pulverization, sieving, homogenization, quartering, and granulometric testing, are integrated and properly documented in ITAK’s Integrated Management System. This includes quality control tools and indicators that allow for monitoring and ensuring the reliability of each stage/activity.


Specifically, for Granulometric Tests, these can be conducted either wet or dry, as per the client’s choice. This flexibility also allows ITAK to offer Granulometric Testing services, where, in addition to granulometric classification, chemical characterization of the obtained fractions is also performed. This provides clients with important information about the contents of analytes of interest by granulometric fraction, with analyses done using X-ray fluorescence.