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  • ITAK launches WhatsApp costumer service

    ITAK launches WhatsApp costumer service

    In 2016 ITAK started a brand repositioning aiming continual analyzes of market needs. Therefore ITAK has set the WhatsApp costumer service. The objective is to make the communication easier for clients and partners, by providing fast response and affording instant messages. Now, contacting ITAK is possible in different situations: during lunch, during a flight or just... View Article »


    During the 15th to 18 May 2016, the ITAK took part as an exhibitor at the Brazilian Symposium on Mineral Exploration, SIMEXMIN in its seventh edition, is already established as the leading industry event. The SIMEXMIN 2016 occurred at the time after a positive cycle, the mining faces a major crisis and the scenery in... View Article »