How to ensure the quality of a laboratory’s testing results.”

Performing chemical analysis is a highly intricate and complex task that demands specialized expertise, cutting-edge technology, and extensive technical knowledge. If you are seeking laboratory services, it is crucial to evaluate and certify the quality of the services provided.

There are three main forms to evaluate the technical quality of a laboratory. These are proficiency tests, technical audits, and tests with reference samples. Among these, proficiency tests are the most effective way to attest to a laboratory’s technical quality. They allow a more complete evaluation and help to identify the nature of errors and problems that need to be recognized and solved.

Proficiency tests are conducted to evaluate and monitor laboratory performance, identify the reliability of results, detect test-related problems and errors, and standardize methodologies.

Specialized technical audits are independent evaluations conducted by qualified and experienced professionals in the field.

The process of testing with Certified Reference Materials involves sending samples of these materials to laboratories while changing the identification of the item. This is done by creating a blind identification that does not reveal to the tested laboratory which specific reference material it will analyze. Once the results are received, the person in charge evaluates them against the certificate of the material used. This method requires knowledge of statistical techniques and tools, particularly in QA/QC protocols, to obtain detailed and reliable information about performance.

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