The diversity of certified reference materials produced in recent years by ITAK

The mining industry can be considered the basis of several other segments because it is responsible for extracting and processing metals and materials that are essential for the generation of various materials that are important for human survival.

Before extraction, there is an important step performed by Geology professionals, which consists of finding the source minerals of the elements of interest, as well as quantifying a reserve and evaluating the feasibility of extraction and processing.

All the above-mentioned steps require chemical analysis to be performed reliably and accurately. Certified reference materials are used to calibrate instruments and as analytical quality control tools.

The world’s constant demand for materials, combined with the evolution of humanity that continuously updates its technologies and discoveries, directly generates the need to develop new certified reference materials so that research, production, and analysis processes are possible.

Over the years, ITAK has been following this industry, being up to date with market demands, and has constantly innovated its product portfolio. In addition to the products commonly known to mankind, such as iron ores, gold, nickel, zinc, limestone, and phosphates; ITAK has been adding to its stock Certified Reference Materials new matrices available worldwide, such as Lithium, titanium, tungsten, rare earths, niobium, and magnesite.

ITAK currently has a great diversity of Reference Materials available and it has produced more than 500 items of the most varied mineral matrices, which was possible not only by ITAK’s expertise in the preparation of high-quality CRMs, in compliance with ISO 17034 standards as well as the option of manufacturing to order, in which the customer’s material (same matrix) is used, adding even more quality to the product at a much more advantageous cost than buying single patterns.

Continuous investment in process automation has enabled ITAK to significantly reduce the lead time for CRM production.

In the online store, the customer can easily consult the portfolio of MRCs for purchase. ITAK has a qualified commercial team that is always available for clarifications and necessary information.

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