In 2016 ITAK started a brand repositioning aiming continual analyzes of market needs. Therefore ITAK has set the WhatsApp costumer service.

The objective is to make the communication easier for clients and partners, by providing fast response and affording instant messages.

Now, contacting ITAK is possible in different situations: during lunch, during a flight or just walking down the streets, by just using a smartphone.

Contact ITAK WhatsApp by the number: + 55 31 99955-1502.

The service is on from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Brasília (Brazil) GMT -2:00. This number is not available for phone calls, only for WhatsApp.

Welcome to  ITAK’s world! 

Now you can contact ITAK by different media:

Phones numbers: +55 (31) 3851-3166 | + 55 (31) 3851-6952 | + 55 (31) 97177-7643

E-mail: tecnologia@itak.com.br

Website: www.itak.com.br/en/contact or using the Online Chat

Whatsapp: + 55 (31) 99955-1502