ITAK has a large stock of Certified Reference Materials (CRM) available with prompt delivery, high quality and competitive price. In the ITAK’s portfolio you can find Standard Reference Materials (SRM) of the following matrices: Gold ore, Iron ore, Nickel ore, Copper ore and Concentrates, Tin minerals, Niobium Ores and Concentrates, Bauxite, Limestone, Phosphate, Clay, Magnesite, Chromite, Titanium ores, Rare earth, Sinter and several others.


ITAK is one of the major international manufacturers of geochemical reference materials, providing its customers the opportunity to make to order their own RM from their own matrices. This practice reduces matrix effect on chemical analysis by significantly improving the QA/QC performance, as well as analytical calibrations. For customer manufacturing, the customer should inform:

  • What type of matrices and what mass to be produced.
  • Which parameters will be certified in the matrices and the related analytical methods.
  • How many laboratories the client wants to include in the Reference Material certification and whether they want to include any particular laboratory.
  • What form of packaging the customer wants to receive of CRMs and the mass unit. (Pots, sachets, buckets, drums).
  • What total mass of each CRM you require.
  • Forecast for the availability of raw material for production

Sale and Production of Blanks for Physical Preparation and Analytical Blanks

ITAK also offers blanks for physical preparation and analytical blanks produced from matrices such as quartz, granite, limestone, etc. These blanks are used to attest and verify the level of contamination during a physical preparation process or chemical analysis in accordance with the QA/QC requirements.