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CRMs (Standards) and Blanks

ITAK has a large stock of Certified Reference Materials for sale with prompt delivery, fair price and quality above the market offers. Among these materials, we can mention CRMs of the following matrices: Gold ore, Iron ore, Nickel ore, Copper ore and Concentrates, Tin minerals, Niobium Ores and Concentrates, Bauxite, Limestone, Phosphate, Clay, Magnesite, Chromite, Titanium ores, Rare earth, Sinter, among others.

According to customer’s demand, ITAK can provide such products in mass and varied packages ranging from sachets to pots or drums.

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Currently, ITAK is one of the biggest manufacturers of geochemical Certified Reference Materials in the world offering the opportunity to Manufacture Reference Materials of ore and similar ones from the matrix provided by the customer. It enables the reduction of matrix effects in chemical analysis and greatly improving quality of Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA / QC) protocolsm, calibrations of laboratories that make use of these Certified Reference Materials. This type of manufacturing process is carried out by ITAK in a very short time (on average 40 days).

In order to perform a custom manufacturing, it is needed to be known:
– which parameters will be certified in the matrix.
– how many laboratories the customer wants to include in the certification of Reference Materials and whether to include one or more laboratories indicated by the customer or not.
– Which packaging the customer wants to receive the Certified Reference Materials and their unit mass. (Types of packaging: pots, sachets, buckets, drums).
– which mass customer want to receive of CRM.

This type of manufacturing process of Reference Certificates Materials of explored matrix is an innovative practice, increasingly widespread which adds a lot of quality to all processes involving calibration and control in chemical analysis.

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Sales and Manufacturing of Blanks for Sample Preparation and Chemical Analyses

ITAK also features blanks for Sample Preparation and Chemical Analyses made of different matrices, such as quartz, granite, limestone, etc. The use of these blank material is to test and verify the level of contamination during a process, for example, sample preparation or chemical analyses.

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