New modality of CRMs (SRMs) manufacturing by order
23/08/2019 0

ITAK has launched a new manufacturing modality that may suits you!

Recently, ITAK has invested in the automation of part of its Certified Reference Materials production flow, which has enabled a considerable increase in the company’s production and a significant reduction in deadline delivery, enhancing performance in supplying Gold Ore CRMs.

Laboratories and continue users who needs SRMs in chemical analysis, short budget to fully fund a manufacture of a large amount of Certified Reference Material to their laboratories.

This project aims the Manufacturing, free of charge, of one or more Reference Materials from source material supplied by clients.
At the end of manufacturing, the materials will be packed in sachets with the mass chosen by the customer. Products will be stocked at ITAK with a defined amount for the clients consumption over the months, enabling monthly purchases with prompt just-in-time delivery.


  • Your company is not required to invest high and compromises budget or planning;
  • You will be able to work with your own matrix, which provides detection of process failures and a significant improvement in your QA / QC.
  • There is no risk of running out of stock of standards in your laboratory due to late suppliers or imports.


ITAK has been a CRM manufacturer and provider since 2008 and now is one of the largest global producer and supplier. Over the years, the company has invested in state-of-the-art machinery and has achieved an efficient process, computerized inventory control and automated packaging process.

ITAK supplies continuously to over 35 countries and has a large inventory of reference materials from several geochemical matrices.

ITAK invests in manufacturing of CRMs from natural matrix materials and offers the option to the customer manufacture the reference materials in a short term using the material which is processed and analyzed by the users. This option represents an increase of reliability and QA/QC improvement, adding value for money, rather than buying off-the-shelf standards.

ITAK has an Integrated Management System in compliance with “ISO IEC 17034 – General Requirements for Competence of Reference Material Producers”.

For customer manufacturing, the customer should inform:

  • What type of matrices and the batch to be produced;
  • Which parameters to be certified in the matrices and the related analytical methods;
  • How many laboratories does the client want to include in the Reference Material certification, and whether they want to include any particular laboratory;
  • What form of CRMs packaging the customer wants to receive and the mass unit. (Pots, sachets, buckets, drums);
  • What total mass of each CRM you require;
  • Forecast for availability of raw material for production.

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